Jesse Hamm (sirspamdalot) wrote,
Jesse Hamm

Ellie Frazetta, 1935-2009

I just learned that Eleanor "Ellie" Frazetta passed away on the 17th, at the age of 74. She was married to famed fantasy artist Frank Frazetta; the couple were wed in 1956.

I'm told Ellie was a devout Christian and a smart businesswoman. Most Frazetta fans are also aware that she was the model/inspiration for many of the beautiful women Mr. Frazetta portrayed in his work.

What most don't know, however, is that Ellie was also a talented artist in her own right. I hope her family won't mind me showing off this watercolor of hers, which she painted at the age of 21:

Lovely. Wish I could have seen her version of Shere Kahn.

Several people share fond remembrances of Ellie at The Beat.

My condolences to her husband and the rest of her family.
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