Jesse Hamm (sirspamdalot) wrote,
Jesse Hamm

I knew it!

It's official: daylight savings time kills people.

Says the article: "the number of heart attacks, on average, increases by about five per cent during the first week of summer time." And: "The disruption in the chronobiological rhythms, the loss of one hour’s sleep and the resulting sleep disturbance are the probable causes.”

Of the autumn changeover, another article reports: "recent research indicates that pedestrian fatalities from cars soar at 6:00 p.m. during the weeks after clocks are set back in the fall. Walkers are three times as likely to be hit and killed by cars right after the switch than in the month before DST ends." And: "This research corroborates a 2001 study by researchers at the University of Michigan, which found that 65 pedestrians were killed by car crashes in the week before DST ended, and 227 pedestrians were killed in the week following the end of DST.

Stop messing with everyone's clocks, you Daylight Savings Nazis! Want more daylight? Get up earlier yourself!

And with that, we begin today's video segment:

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