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Jesse Hamm

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Zodiac. [Mar. 10th, 2007|05:00 am]
Jesse Hamm
Well, the Mrs. doesn't want to see Fincher's new flick, but it's rockin' the Tomato Meter, and it concerns my favorite serial killer, so I s'pose I'll have to go without her.

Unfortunately, as an unkempt White Male in his early 30s, there's something a bit too conspicuous about me attending a serial killer movie all by myself. (It's the white guy's equivalent of a large group of young blacks attending a movie about L.A. gangs.)

So, if anyone's willing to go see it with me, I promise to maximize your moviegoing experience by breathing heavily and whispering to myself throughout. Takers?

[User Picture]From: david_porta
2007-03-14 12:50 am (UTC)

What a turn of phrase!

"my favorite serial killer"

I know. I know. There actually ARE folks who rate these guys. And they make for best-sellers. We had a copy of "The Boston Strangler" in the house when I was a kid. I saw "Psycho" and "The Deliberate Stranger." And "Dirty Harry" incorporated the Zodiac Killer into its plot; I forget how. Eclipse Comics issued a set of cards. It's grisly pop culture!

I remember a bunch of these guys from the news headliners in my own lifetime. Here's a few, off the top of my head.

Richard Speck - I had just received my 6th grade diploma

Charlie Manson - I was a paperboy; "Sharon Tate Murder"

Johh Wayne Gacy

Son of Sam - I was living in upstate New York when this NYC killer was active

Ted Bundy

Juan Corona - Mexican-born; Yuba City, California's "Machete Murderer"

The Hillside Strangler(s) in the hills above Los Angeles, California

Richard Ramirez - the Los Angeles Night Stalker

Leonard Lake and Charles Chat Ng - Calaveras County - I arrived in Sacramento & 9 month later they hit the news

Dorothea Puente - The killer Landlady of downtown Sacramento, California - I moved downtown to 1823 P Street; she murdered her tenants at 1426 F Street; two years after I moved from downtown to South Sac, she was caught.

Jeffrey Dahmer

John Allen Muhammed - Washington D.C. area sniper

So, what is YOUR criterion for picking a FAVORITE?
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[User Picture]From: sirspamdalot
2007-03-14 10:17 am (UTC)

Re: What a turn of phrase!

1. He wore a crazy supervillain costume while committing his crimes.
2. He approached people at random in secluded areas and simply shot them, minimizing evidence. (Those guys who build dungeons under their house and bury folks in their backyard are just ASKING to be caught.)
3. Somehow, the one suspect who emerges as the likely killer was never arrested, prompting me to wonder endlessly why they didn't bag 'im, and whether I'm wrong for being so sure he did it.
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