August 4th, 2010


"Girls Club."

Back during high school, I used to attend the Sac-Con, a quarterly comic convention in Sacramento, California. Along with the usual con activities, they had an amateur art contest, in which hopeful teens could compete for gift certificates to local comic shops. I won a fifty dollar certificate at one con -- and that was when fifty dollars could buy a lot of comics! It took me several trips to the now-defunct Comics & Comix store to spend all my prize money. Good times! When I recall drawing that fantasy pin-up for fifty bucks, which I spent entirely on comics, it occurs to me how little has changed.

I recently visited the convention's website to reminisce, and was pleased to discover that the art contest is still going strong. There was one notable difference, though. Back in my day, you'd never see girls at the convention, let alone competing in the art contest. But now, of the nine recent winners pictured, all were female! Makes me wonder what the industry's gender balance will look like in twenty years.

Apropos of nothing, here's a recent commish. (Full piece behind the cut.)

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