July 26th, 2010



I noticed some odd similarities between these two reviews of the movie Rio Bravo. One is an uncredited & undated review from the TV Guide website, the other is by film professor and critic Emanuel Levy, from his website.

At first I figured Levy may have written the TV Guide review himself, which would explain the similarities, but then I noticed that the two reviews offer differing opinions of the film. (For example, Levy is far more impressed with Angie Dickinson's performance -- not to mention her legs.) Also, Levy's review is much more awkwardly phrased than TV Guide's. Apparently, the reviews were written by two different critics.

So who copied whom? And is there a third source?

Below are the relevant passages, for comparison. The black text is from TV Guide's review, the blue is Levy, and the verbatim similarities are in bold (though there are also many paraphrasic similarities):

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