January 2nd, 2010


First drawing of 2010

Here's my drawing of a character from a French RPG. As you can see, I haven't yet worked out how to incorporate the new year into my signature. Usually I stick the year numbers to the undersides of the letters in "HAMM," which works fine with zeros or twos or nines (see my Alpha Flight sketches, below), but a "1" won't read well stuck to the bottom of any of those letters. Needless to say, my scientists are hard at work on a solution. (And before you ask, I hasten to add that we've already used my time machine to consult my 2001 self, but he had nothing useful to suggest.)

Oh, and I am open for commissions, FYI. $35 for something like the drawing above. Just don't expect me to include the date with my signature.