December 28th, 2007



I recently participated in an art show to benefit former comics writer Bill Mantlo.

Bill was injured in a hit and run accident 15 years ago. Severe brain injuries left him without motor functions, and he will live the rest of his life in a brain damage institute. Bill wrote a lot of Marvel comics during the '80s, including the complete run of ROM: SPACEKNIGHT, so retailer Jason Leivian organized the benefit show at his comic shop as a "thank you" to Bill for all those stories, and to help alleviate the financial burden on Bill's brother and caregiver, Mike.

Bidding for the artwork has continued online at ebay, but the auctions end today. Linked below is Jason's website, where you'll see pictures of each original piece, plus more details about the benefit. Each artist's name links to the respective ebay auction:

Here's my piece (click on it to reach the auction):

Making Rom look cool is surprisingly hard, but a few artists came up with some real winners. My favorites are probably Jonathan Case's and Steve Lieber's. (The fact that they're my studio-mates did nothing to sway my opinion!)