August 6th, 2007


"I'm not the target audience, but...."

Several more reviews of GOOD AS LILY have appeared in the blogosphere in recent weeks, so it's braggin' time:

The Philadelphia Inquirer
says that GOOD AS LILY's "modern, imaginative story is a good choice for readers, male or female, who are looking for a book that has both brains and heart."

The Contra Costa Times gives the book an "A," saying it's "the best title yet under the Minx imprint," and adding that "Hamm's buoyant artwork is delightful."

At her blog, this librarian reports that she's impressed by Derek's effective, Asian-friendly story, adding: "Props to Jesse Hamm for the great artwork too. I’m going to have to lift my self imposed ban on DC to purchase Good As Lily for the library when it comes out in August." In the comments section, another female librarian/reviewer chimes in: "I enjoyed this novel throughly and like the fact that Grace’s parents were just regular parents without any 'Korean parental stereotypes.'”

Yet another librarian reports at her blog that the Minx line is "very good," judging by the two Minx books she's read, and that "Kim has written graphic novels before, so his story is a better fit" for the format than that of the other Minx book she reviewed.

Still ANOTHER librarian reports on HER blog that GOOD AS LILY "may have been my favorite of the Minx bunch."

Finally, Josh Elder, who praised GOOD AS LILY earlier in his Chicago Sun-Times review, popped up in the comments section of a blog entry on Minx to praise the book again: "I’ve read 'Good as Lily' and it’s excellent. Extremely clever and Jesse Hamm does some terrific cartooning."

For those of you keeping track, the total so far is 1 negative review and 8 positive reviews -- five of which were from women. (Which reminds me: another woman even brought me her advance copy of the book to sign in San Diego! High marks from her, too.) Given the responses so far, I look forward to seeing how the book does after its August 15th release.

And behind the cut, some pencil pages from the book: Collapse )