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July 3rd, 2007 - Oodles of doodles. — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Jesse Hamm

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July 3rd, 2007

"You ARE the weakest Minx!" [Jul. 3rd, 2007|12:25 pm]
Jesse Hamm

The first 2 reviews of Good As Lily, based on the pre-release galleys, have hit the blogosphere.

Tom McLean calls it "the weakest Minx release to date," complaining that it "gets bogged down in soap opera, with the resolution of Grace’s often vague problems somewhat pat and overall kind of unsympathetic." He also feels that it could've used more sex appeal.

In our second review, Jim Demonakos says Good As Lily is "Hands-down my favorite Minx book to date, even better than The Plain Janes which I liked a lot. ... Funny, charming, well illustrated, everything you could hope for in an OGN and more."

Thanks Jim!

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