November 17th, 2006



Believe the hype, folks.

To give y'all an idea of where I'm coming from:

FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE is my fave Connery Bond. What it lacks in spectacle, it makes up for with the suave coolness of a '60s thriller.

THE SPY WHO LOVED ME is my fave Moore. Lots of bombastic fun (Jaws! Lotus! Underwater hideout!), and an enigmatic leading lady with a meaty part.

LICENSE TO KILL is my fave Dalton. Bond goes "off the ranch" for once, and you gotta love Wayne Newton as the dastardly cult leader. Dalton's love interest here is much more spunky than that blonde Audrey Hepburn from his other outing.

TOMORROW NEVER DIES is my fave Brosnan. The action is swift, Jonathan Pryce's evil media mogul is delightfully crazy (and relevant), and the two Bond girls are the strongest pair of leading ladies ever to appear in one Bond film. Bond's genuine affection for one of them recalls yet another great Bond entry:

ON HER MAJESTY'S SECRET SERVICE, which should have been far better than it was, given the heartfelt love story, the fantastic score, Telly Savalas, Diana Rigg (!!!!), and that crazy, all-girl, mountaintop health spa. Alas, Lazenby.

The missed opportunity of OHMSS is nothing compared to the flaming shipwreck that was the first CASINO ROYALE, but the less said about that the better. Thank heavens this new flick is here to restore honor to that particular title. Let us utter it to ourselves once more, this time with reverence: CASINO ROYALE.

I still think Daniel Craig is a homely Bond, but his smooth voice, powerful physical presence, and smart acting more than make up for that. It's only his first outing, and the man is already nudging Connery toward the edge of the Bond throne. Eva Green is a winner, too, and writing and direction have never been better. THIS is the summer movie my summer was missing. THIS is the Bond movie my new millenium was missing.

AND I saw a matinee, so I'll be catching it again at the cheaps with the three bucks I saved.