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September 19th, 2006 - Oodles of doodles. — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Jesse Hamm

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September 19th, 2006

The Moneypenny Question. [Sep. 19th, 2006|05:05 am]
Jesse Hamm
Given that the new James Bond flick concerns Bond's initial induction into the secret service, it occurs to me that the filmmakers will have the opportunity to answer the Moneypenny Question.

Miss Moneypenny is, of course, the attractive* MI6 secretary with whom Bond flirts in every film. She continually chides him for not asking her out, urging him to do so, and he always demures and suggestively compliments her looks, only to be called away on another mission.

Now, I had always assumed that Bond and Moneypenny never did date each other or sleep together. Presumably, Bond was loathe to use'n'lose her because he valued their friendship and couldn't bear to face her around the office after jilting her. But then I heard a DVD commentary in which a director said that he had always assumed that Bond had slept with Moneypenny early on, and that Bond's coy refusals resulted from the fact that Bond had "been there, done that." Which sets up a good test of each viewer's optimism or pessimism regarding the series: Did Bond sleep with Moneypenny? In other words: is he a cad through and through, or a gentleman deep down?

This new series will be the filmmakers' chance to answer that question. Unfortunately, Moneypenny reportedly won't appear in Casino Royale, but who knows -- she may yet emerge in a subsequent Daniel Craig outing. If so, every Bond flick stretching back to Dr. No will have to be viewed in light of whatever answer these prequels provide.

Until then, we may cast our votes: Good Bond, or Bad Bond?

*The attractive Miss Moneypenny of the films grew less attractive as the series wore on, since they continued to cast the same actress in the role for decades, but I assume that on paper she was a perennial beauty.
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'Nother tip. [Sep. 19th, 2006|10:19 am]
Jesse Hamm
Here's a drawing tip I picked up from a book by Ted Seth Jacobs. It's an approach I discussed briefly in my Toth obit a few months ago, and it's something that would quickly improve most good artists' work.

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