September 18th, 2006


Heroes on a half-shell.

My friend Lark recently posted about TMNT fan art on her blog, and one of the pics was a drawing of mine that I haven't seen since I drew it a couple of years ago:

I dislike how I shaded their noses, but otherwise I'm happy. The fella on Donatello's head is Lark's character, Long Tail Kitty.

(Though not as famous as the others' namesakes, Donatello was a talented sculptor who preceded Michelangelo by roughly a century. Here's his self portrait.)

In other news, last night I had one of the first nightmares of my adult life. It was even age-appropriate: I dreamt that I bought two cars at a party, and when I returned the following morning to retrieve them, they were gone. Was I a victim of a scam? Had their owners been too drunk to recall that the cars had been sold? After a couple of harrowing hours, I managed to find and take ownership of one of the cars and its pink slip (unbeknownst to the former owner, who failed to recognize me in the cold light of day -- time to scram!), and I was in the process of tracking down the second car (a Mercedes convertible) when I awoke. Bleh!

Why can't I just dream of floating, flesh-eating severed heads like when I was small?