August 17th, 2006


"In my heart, I know I am funny."

Bruno Kirby died the other day. :(

Kirby was a good character actor who showed up in films as varied as The Godfather 2 and Spinal Tap. In one odd turn, he appeared as Charles Bronson's youthful, good-hearted sidekick in the movie Borderline, opposite a psychotic Ed Harris. My favorite performances of his were as the cranky friend to Billy Crystal and Daniel Stern in City Slickers, and as the humorless lieutenant in Good Morning, Vietnam. His pathetic routine as "Lieutenant Steve and Frenchy" in the latter film is a peformance I'll never forget.

Kirby apparently died of leukemia, in L.A. I don't know of any hotshot leukemia treatment centers down there, so I have to wonder whether he'd have survived had he been treated at a top-flight facility. I had leukemia a decade ago, and although it was in its late stages when I finally sought treatment, I was saved by the expert care of the doctors at UCSF Medical Center, in San Francisco. Their treatment was unconventional and ahead of its time, and I know I'd have died had I gone elsewhere. So if you if ever come down with leukemia, get your buns to UCSF, pronto!