July 23rd, 2006


Comicon Report -- Saturday.

Jeff Parker's Toth books arrived. Hooray!

Little else to report. I spent most of the day in bed; just too drained to face the crowds in this weather. I also watched The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou, with commentary. Convention movie screenings are always fun, especially when you pick your own movies and watch them at home. Next on the roster is Once Upon A Time In The West, and a couple of Lubitsch classics.

I may also screen some anime on Sunday -- a San Diego Con tradition! This time I can watch it with my wife, instead of with a roomful of snoring otaku.

I've decided to postpone the Masquerade to Sunday night, since Saturday just didn't work for me. Look for details and drawings in my Sunday report.

Now I must go shower. Showering at home isn't as fun as at motels, since there's no complimentary soap, but at least I won't feel guilty about keeping the towels. Onward!

Skin deep.

You're all in luck: I just ran across a Norwegian website listing the thirty most beautiful actresses of all time. The author helpfully indicates in which decade each actress was "at her most beautiful." He also cites each actress's "most delicate features" (although in almost every case it's her eyes and/or mouth).

Most notably, he includes short descriptions of each actress, some of which demand to be quoted:

"She has, however, still not reached her peak - neither professionally nor exteriorly."

"could be as ugly as you'd want, but basically, she had one of the most flawless faces you'll ever see."

"has kept her status as a sexual interest beyond her forties."

"But Weld overcame her problems to become... a luscious beauty."

"was the sweetest girl you'll ever see way into her 30s."

"Unfortunately, for today's youths, Elizabeth Taylor is known mainly for her way-to-good-hearted supporting of Michael Jackson (in his many struggles)."

"...time will show if she'll reach as far up to the stars as her father. She's more beautiful than him, anyway."

"...she was one of few 30-plus-actresses to endure sex symbol-status in the seventies."

"...somewhat bleak-looking today. She was, however, beautiful way into her older days."

"Sharon Stone's face actually resembles more aged beauty queens as Ingrid Bergman. Although mainly a sex symbol, Stone's face is disgusting to noone, and that fact remained into her forties."

And the coup de grâce:

"Her intellegence as both a writer and an actress, somewhat undermined her beauty."