Jesse Hamm (sirspamdalot) wrote,
Jesse Hamm

The Batgirl Report

Right. So. I just viewed every Batgirl drawing posted thus far on the meme. I feel like a war correspondant, witnessing countless tragedies to bring you the truth. All 8 of you. Be grateful.

And now, the Truth:

The list is still growing, but currently there are about 1,000 Batgirl pics. I counted the good ones and there are, like, 30. Which means I just looked at 970 lousy drawings of Batgirl. Yeah, that's right. Now I know how superhero editors feel, when they open their mail and it's a stack of comped comics.

But that's OK; it was fun seeing everyone contribute. People just seem to like doing what others are doing. I guess that explains wearing green on St. Paddy's Day, and other arbitrary traditions. In fact, I'd be willing to swap out St. Paddy's Day for Let's Draw Batgirl Day. I was never a big fan of cabbage anyway. And just imagine the parade!

Related trivia:

*There were only 3 or 4 porny Batgirls, which I found remarkable. Statistically, that indicates that only .03% of the internet is porn. (Ahh, statistics.) There was also 1 pony Batgirl, but I'm not sure what that indicates.

*There were about five baseball bats with girls' heads.

*There were innumerable bats with feminine acoutrements. (Apparently, pink hair-bows are big with the ladies.)

*There were 3 or 4 electrical appliances wearing Batgirl's cowl. This I cannot explain... but statistically, it does suggest that rice cookers and BBQs are as popular as porn.

*Verabee's pajamaed Batgirl was linked in 4 or 5 journals, because she is the Dark Lord of excellent cute things.

*Most of the good Batgirls are showcased here:
Although he left out a few standouts, such as Clio's.

There. Now I must go wash out my eyes with Uesugi.
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